AgfaPhoto AccuCharger Value Energy AA/AAA/9V

Brand Agfaphoto
EAN 4250175849959
CTN 85044055
Voltage 1,2 V
Battery type AA, AAA, 9V
Packaging size 100mm x 62mm x 180mm
Weight 246,3 gram
Gross volume 976 cm³
Pcs / carton 20

Detailed description

Agfaphoto Charger provides energy anytime for your rechargeable batteries. After placing the right type of batteries into the charger, it has to be connected to an available power source. Do not cover the apparatus during charge. The LED on the charger indicates the charge state of the batteries, if they are fully charged, the apparatus powers off automatically.  The charger is suitable to charge four AA or AAA or two 9V rechargeable batteries. The apparatus has a reverse-polarity protection. Thanks to the connector that can be turned, you can easily take the charger with you on trips, thus, power is supplied at all times. Check out our batteries to find the most suitable power-saving and environment-friendly solution for your devices.

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