Alkaline Button

AgfaPhoto Alkaline Button Cell AG0 LR63 B10

Brand AgfaPhoto
EAN 4250175805528
CTN 85061018
Voltage 1,5 V
Working temperature -15°C to 55°C
Diameter 5,75 mm
Battery type LR521, 379, 1190, LR63, AG0
Height 2,1 mm
Packaging size 50mm x 6mm x 185mm
Weight 0,9 gram
Gross volume 5 cm³
Carton EAN 4250175802343
Pcs / carton 5 000
Carton size 396mm x 220mm x 185mm

Detailed description

AgfaPhoto Alkaline Button Cells are designed to power small applications such as watches, kitchen scales, calculators, toys or lamps. They are suitable for both occasionally and constantly used electrical devices. Alcaline Button Cells are also dry cells and they operate at 1.5V voltage. Alkaline Button Cells are non-rechargeable, discharged batteries must be collected only in designated containers.

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