Lithium Coin

AgfaPhoto Lithium Coin Cell CR2025 B1

Brand AgfaPhoto
EAN 4250175803425
CTN 85065030
Voltage 3 V
Working temperature -15°C to 55°C
Diameter 20 mm
Battery type CR2025
Height 2,5 mm
Packaging size 48mm x 4mm x 65mm
Weight 3 gram
Gross volume 11 cm³
Pcs / carton 72
Carton size 130mm x 75mm x 110mm

Detailed description

AgfaPhoto Lithium Coin Cells, as compared to alkaline coin cells, have a higher voltage range of 3V, and are fit to operate in extreme circumstances (- 20 / + 60 °C). They can be used as a power source for small electric devices. The "CR" mark of the coin cells indicates lithium manganese dioxide chemical composition. Due to their design, coin cells can operate small size household objects such as toys, watches, pocket calculators. They are recommended for operating products that are not in continuous use. Lithium coin-cell batteries are non-rechargeable, discharged batteries must be collected only in designated containers.

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