Heavy Duty


AgfaPhoto Heavy Duty 9V Battery SHRINK S1

Brand AgfaPhoto
EAN 4250175808079
CTN 85068080
Voltage 9 V
Working temperature -15°C to 55°C
Battery type 9V, 6R6, MN1604, 1604G
Width 26,5 mm
Height 48,5 mm
Packaging size 26mm x 17mm x 48mm
Weight 36 gram
Gross volume 30 cm³
Carton EAN 4250175808499
Pcs / carton 400
Carton size 290mm x 185mm x 220mm

Detailed description

AgfaPhoto Heavy Duty 1.5V batteries are recommended for devices that are in everyday use. The world's first developed chemical power source was carbon-zinc batteries and they are still widely used due to their stable operation and low price. They can be used in many devices, for example calculators, alarm clocks, wall clocks, toys or even low-power flashlights. Heavy duty batteries are also called dry cells because they contain ammonium chloride in a dry, powdered form for safer use. Heavy duty batteries are non-rechargeable, discharged batteries must be collected only in designated containers.

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