Rechargeable Instant Energy


AgfaPhoto Direct Energy Rechargeable Micro AAA 950mAh B2

Brand AgfaPhoto
EAN 4250175803944
CTN 85075000
Voltage 1,2 V
Working temperature 0 - 45°C
Diameter 10,5 mm
Battery type AAA, HR03, R2U
Height 44,5 mm
Packaging size 82mm x 15mm x 120mm
Weight 18 gram
Gross volume 110 cm³
Pcs / carton 72
Carton size 357mm x 165mm x 115mm

Detailed description

AgfaPhoto Instant Energy rechargeable batteries provide instant power to your devices after purchase and can be recharged up to 1000 times. Whether it’s a flashlight, bathroom accessory, remote control, wall clock, children’s toy, camera, or even computer accessory, with our rechargeable batteries you can power your devices in an extremely energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. Rechargeable batteries provide stable, long-lasting operation for our products with a voltage of 1.2V. Their voltage range is lower than that of alkaline batteries, they are able to maintain this level in the long run, while for other batteries this value decreases over time. Our batteries can be charged with any similar battery charger.

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