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Agfaphoto battery range features the most diverse types and forms of mobile energy needed for everyday life.

Since the foundation of the brand in 2004, we have been delivering the highest quality of cells with the most advanced production technology.

Based on our many years of experience, we have maintained to provide an energy supply focusing on safety and long-lasting lifetime for our customers.

Continuous availability of merchandise is ensured with a 500 pallet stock in our warehouses to satisfy customer demands from all over the world.

Our batteries are currently available in 15 countries through local distributors, sustaining excellent service and fast delivery times. 

Useful information

Check out our wide assortment of batteries! In our knowledge base you can learn more about the features and possibilibities of using different types of batteries. By scrolling down you can get more information about brief instructions of battery usage and precautions.

Battery information

The batteries are extremely easy to use, but there are important ideas to keep in mind when using them. Store batteries only in a cool, dry place at room temperature. When inserting, make sure to always insert the correct type of battery for your device, and pay attention to the correct polarity, do not swap the (+) positive and (-) negative sides. Keep the contact surfaces of the battery clean, which should only be cleaned with a dry cloth. You can extend the life of the battery by leaving the device turned on only while it is in use. If you do not use your device for a long time, remove the battery/batteries. If the battery is exhausted, remove it from the device immediately along with the other batteries. Operate one device at a time with only batteries of the same type and brand. After removal, batteries should be collected only at designated containers. 

Hazard warnings

Like any other product, batteries also come with warnings that must be followed. Make sure to recharge only those batteries that are marked “rechargeable”. Non-rechargeable batteries may explode during charging. Do not use rechargeable alkaline batteries with nickel-metal hydride chargers. Always transport disassembled batteries in a well-separated place or repackaged, so they do not come into contact with metal objects or coins, otherwise heating and leakage may occur. Batteries should be kept out of the reach of children, they can be life-threatening if swallowed, and their damage can lead to leakage. Do not store batteries in extreme temperatures, such as in a refrigerator or near a fire. Using different types, brands, old and new batteries at the same time, in one product can cause property damage and personal injury. Dispose of used batteries only at designated collection points.


Our goal is to provide stable and long-lasting energy for as many devices as possible with our products!

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